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Eastriver Energy Resource & Science Technology (Zhejiang) Ltd.
(2/F, Building 1, Inside Dongjiang Garment (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.) Foreign (Taiwan) Investment Zone, Economic Development Zone, To


Made from lipins present in such materials as used edible (cooking) oil, animal oil, drain oil, and dripping waste, this renewable fuel is the best choice for use in all diesel engines.Our company utilizes advanced biodiesel production equipment and techniques that incorporate such materials as ozone photo-catalysts, and such processes as dry steaming, to produce high quality fatty acid methyl esters (ie. biodiesel). These environmentally friendly processes have good efficiency and lower cost than some other procedures, while outputting higher quality products. Thus, this technology is the answer to problems previously experienced with other such techniques.Using an acid-alkali catalysis production method, this technology differs from others in that it increases the lipin conversion rate, with the catalyst accelerating separation. Other technologies that use the fatty acid methyl ester dry refining method are not comparable to our techniques in terms of production efficiency.By using our technology, clients can utilize waste lipins with acid value of 100mg (KOH/g) to produce high quality biodiesel. With a 95% raw material conversion rate, the fatty acid methyl ester production cost is basically the same as for those techniques where neutral fat is used as the raw material.With the biodiesel produced meeting American and European standards (such as the German DIN V51606 stipulation), our technology also has the following features:1) Suitability for operation in normal temperatures and atmospheric pressure2) Catalyst consumption is only one third to half the level of that of previous techniques3) Using the ozone photo-catalyst, the resulting biodiesel has high color brightness and clarity4) Because we use the dry processing method, the fatty acid methyl esterfication process does not produce any waste liquids5) Using our accelerated separation technology greatly reduces operation time, and thereby increases plant efficiency6) Using our unique coolant improves the low temperature flow of the resulting biodieselStandard: American standard / B100
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