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Shenzhen Kaite Industry Co., Ltd
Room G, 25th Floor, Shangbu Building, No. 68 Nanyuan Road, Futian District,, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
+86-755-83661623 +83660116


We supply vibtory finishing machines, capacity from 25Lto 900L.The machines can be supplied with / without separator, with palin bottome and spire bottom, for grinding, finihsing, polishing even drying components made of all kinds of materails.Please contact us for more information and prices.
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Покрытых абразивов
We supply high quality coated abrasive tools from China at good prices.Self-adhesive special-shaped abrasive with holes or without holesSponge cushion the flexible abrasiveScrubbing clothNone-woven gr
Шлифовальный Стеклянные шарики
Grinding Glass beads are widely used as wet and dry grinding media adpoted by micron powders processing, not only used in paint, dyement, and ink industries, but also used in magnetic, pharmaceutical,
Остекленные связи абразивный
We can supply quality Vitrified- Bonded Abrasives from China at competitive price.Vitrified-Bonded Abrasives include Sticks&Stones, Abrasive Segments, Mounted Wheels.1. Sticks&Stones: Suitable for han
Абразивные камни для полировки шлифовального Marbel Garnite фарфора напольной плитки
 Abrasive Stones For Grinding Polishing Marbel Garnite Porcelain Floor Tile (Абразивные камни для полировки шлифовального Marbel Garnite фарфора напольной плитки)
We supply auto polishing stones for polishing of marble floor tiles, granite floor tiles, pocerlain floor tiles, fixed on automatic polishing, floor polishing machine. And hand polishing machine.There
Оксид алюминия Brown & Черный для пескоструйной и абразивные инструменты
 Aluminium Oxide Brown & Black For Sand Blasting And Abrasive Tools (Оксид алюминия Brown & Черный для пескоструйной и абразивные инструменты)
Brown fused alumina is made from high quality bauxite by fusing in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. It has good toughness and high hardness. It is suitable for manufacturing of vitrified a
Карбид бора
 Boron Carbide (Карбид бора)
We can supply quality boron carbide.Boron carbide, a black powder, is the hardest of the conventional abrasives, its mohs hardness is 9. 36, melting point 24500c, density 2. 51g / cm3. It has followin
Керамические бисера для дробеструйного упрочнения
 Ceramic Beads For Shot Peening (Керамические бисера для дробеструйного упрочнения)
We can supply ceramic beads at competitve prices.Technical specificationsSpecific gravity: 3. 86Bulk density: 2. 35Compressive strength: 710nMohs hardness: 7. 2Zro2: 68% ( + / -3% )Sio2: 32% ( + / -3%
Этилового спирта Garde 95
 Ethyl Alcohol Garde 95 (Этилового спирта Garde 95)
We supply qualified edible alcohol.Our main products are edible alcohol, fragrant alcoholic oil, etc. The factory covers an area of 110, 000 square metres with annual output of 50, 000 tonnes of edibl
Армированный стекловолокном Cloth & диски для смолы Abrasive Wh ls
 Fiberglass Reinforced Cloth & Discs For Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheels (Армированный стекловолокном Cloth & диски для смолы Abrasive Wh ls)
Cut from the dryied glassfiber cloth soacked with phenolic resin, mainly used for resinforce the resin bonded cutting and grinding wheels.Available sizes:4",5",6",7",9",12&quo

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