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Xuzhou Huamei Co., Ltd
No. 235 West Huaihai Road Xuzhou Jiangsu, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Our company newest development chromosome analysis software (chromosome nuclear type analysis system software, chromosome nuclear type pair analysis system software) to have the chromosome picture shape recognition, the division, the automatic arrangement, pairs, strip function and so on belt analysis and automatic output analysis result, the chromosome automatically pairs correctly rate reaches as high as 80% , in domestic is in the leading level.Chromosome analysis software hromosome nuclear type analysis system software, chromosome nuclear type pair analysis system software) the function: picture gathering, picture processing, image analysis, chromosome arrangement, strip belt analysis, printing, medical record data bank administration. The software automatic division and the manual division unify, theAutomatic arrangement and the manual arrangement unify. Chromosome analysis software (chromosome nuclear type analysis system software, chromosome nuclear type pair analysis system software) other characteristics:1st, operating system: chromosome analysis software supports win98, win2000, winnt, winxp all windows operating system.Adapts the more operating system is the application software development direction.2nd, hardware request: gallops above 100 above CPU, 32m the memory, the 300m hard disk space.3rd, video frequency gathering card: supports all conforms to Microsoft vfw, directshow, standard the and so on wdm gathering card, the ok series gathering card. Simultaneously adapts the most gathering card and all windows system is the characteristic which this company software is in sole possession of.4th, the video frequency demonstrated that, the software support cover demonstration (image directly delivers from gatheringCard reveals card, does not take the CPU resources) .5th, gathering way: the software support treadons switch gathering, mouse gathering, keyboard gathering. Even if did notDemonstrate the video frequency picture also may through treadon the switch gathering real-time picture. 6th, chromosome analysis software (chromosome nuclear type analysis system software, chromosome nuclear type will pair analysis system software) to be allowed to save commonly used information like doctor convenience and so on name,Administrative offices, spot, diagnosis conclusion later inputs.7th, network support: software may promote as the network version, simultaneously uses the network database, various workstations sharing data resources, facilitates various administrative offices to pull and read.8th, database: single plane version software uses the Microsoft access database, network version software uses borlandCorporation enterprise level database interbase.
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