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Zibo Inchcape Industry INC.
93-1 Xinjian Middle Road, Zhoucun, Zibo, Shandong, China, Zibo, Shandong, China (Mainland)


Specifications:Specifications:This product is made from high carbon content scale-like graphite through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It is a basic material for making different kinds of graphite sealing parts.Main uses: For making different kinds of graphite belts. Packings, gaskets, composite plates, cylinder gaskets, etc.Special specifications can be ordered on customers demands.Its thickness:0.1-5.0mmIts width:0-1500mmIts length:30~200mTensile strength >=4.0 mpaAshTolerance of thicknessTensile strength is measured when the density is 1.0g/cm3. H refers to the thickness of sheet.
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We can produce many specifications as your request.Dia. From50 to Dia. 600mmLength: from 100mm-2000mmParticle size: from 4mm to 0. 5mmOur graphite tube / graphite pipe are mostly used in Copper plant
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Graphite materials have the following advantages; it is widely used tools materials.1. Good electricity conductivity.2. Good heat conductivity between aluminum and mild steel.3. Good heat stability an
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Specifications(mm):780x210x120650x200x135Dia300x250420x120x80400x130x100420x140x45400x200x100300x205x105280x280x110300x150x105200x200x50150x150x230120x120x380Dia250x250Dia200x250Application:A. Diamond
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We are a leading manufacturer in china, specializing in the manufacture of graphite products. The following items are the main products we produce, please have a look.Aa. Graphite electrodes in grades
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