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Fujian Provincial Johnson Mining Co., Ltd.
North 3/F, Torch Guangyao Bldg, Xinfengsan Rd., Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xiamen, Fujian, China (Mainland)&


We are specialized in various dimensions ceramic shaft and shaft support. We are the unique Chinese manufacturer that can produce in large scale at present.We can produce with material of alumina (99% & 95%), zirconia, ZTA, etc. Especially alumina 99% ivory products are in high favour in International market.Our products can be used as bearing in various equipments, especially widely used in aquarium equipments such as submersible pump, fountain pump, etc.
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We could supply different specification ball valve with 99% alumina material.Wear resistence, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistence, high hardness, etc.We also could supply high quality products
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Material: High alumina content(99%)We could supply high quality products according to your drawing or requirement.
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We could supply sealing of 95%& 99% alumina.It has advantages of low porosity, high density and stable machinery property.
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