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Qingdao Dingli Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.
5080 Science & Technology City, Shanghai Road, Duty-free Section, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)


Material:100%virgin pulp or recycled paperReel width:95mm,190mm, etc. Diameter:22.8cm6 or 12 rolls per box
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ОГД (Jumbo Roll ткани)
We are specialized in JRT(Jumbo Roll Tissue) manufacturing, which is used to convert napkin, box facial, etc.Material:100%virgin pulp, mixed pulp, recycled.Substance:13.5-30gsmReel width:95mm,190mm,28
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We are a company specialized in paper and paper products making, processing and trading.We supply jumbo paprent tissue roll,1ply,2plyMaterial: Virgin pulp, half wood pulp, super recyled paper and midd
Jumbo Roll ткани
JRT(Jumbo Roll Tissue),Material: 100%virgin pulp or recycled paperreel width:95mm,190mm,etc. diameter:22.8cm6 or 12 rolls per box
Jumbo Tissue Roll
We are a company specialized in paper and paper products making, processing and trading.We supply jumbo tissue roll, in 1ply,2ply,3ply of different material(supper recycled, middled recycled, half woo
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Made from 100% organic cottonStrong and absorbentSuitable for food use,Sheet size: 276mm*225mmAverage 2 rolls 2 ply, 80 sheets per packTotal area 9.94 sruire meters
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We can supply Kraft liner/test liner with production capability of 3000tons monthly. Substance:150g,175g,200g,235g, reel width:0.9m~2.4m or 3.2m; We will be pleased to offer our best price with high q
We can supply kraft papr with Substance: 60g,70g,80g,90gh,100g Size: Reel width: within 3.6m Diameter of reel: 1.2m or so Production capability: 2500tons---3000tons montly We will send the best and mo
Paper napkins and serviettesMaterial:100%virgin pulp or recycled paperSize:250mm*250mm,275mm*275mm,300mm*300mm,325*325mm, etc.Substance:17gsm--22gsm 1ply or 2plyPacking: Plastic packing
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Material:100%virgin pulp or recycled paperSize:250mm*250mm,275mm*275mm,300mm*300mm,330*330mm,400mm*400mm,380mm*430mm etc.Substance:17gsm--22gsm 1ply or 2plyPacking: Plastic packingWe also can manufact

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