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R. G. Cadereyta Project
Vicenterivapalacio 357 Ote. , Monterrey, Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Mexico


We are glad to offer you an entire farm for timberBrazilian timber landLocation: state of para, county of altamiraComposition: the property is composed of three farms;sao paulo farm - 28,256.80 acres,colorados farm - 18,920.20 acres,venancio aires farm - 28,652.00 acres.all three farms are joined together and have direct access to navigable water ways.Timber value: the cuttable timber value is approximately usd$220-million by 1997 appraisal. That is the sale value in Brazil. It is considerably higher in Europe, Japan or the us. Also the market for timber has increased since then.Land value: a 1995 appraisal by the Brazilian dept. Of agriculture values the land at us$88-million.Mineral value: the mineral value has not been assessed but nearby lands have proven gold and oil reserves.Ownership: the land is free and clear of all encumbrances and is owned by a single person for whomwe have agency.Price: negotiable.If you have interestWe can make the negotiation true a real offer on serious clients.
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