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Nanjing It Digital Co., Ltd.
Gupinggang No. 37 1-Room 105, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Design for surveillance out-door, move, fixed, car or ship. But most use by highway surveillance. Use this product, no visible light, so, dont infective driver eyes.Power:150 WEffect:20M~500M
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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This product best point is:No pollute, no noise, dont need other any power. You can very easy compare it excellence then other analogous product if them have.1. Make the best of automatic design.2. Du
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Solar seawater desalination( HS Code: 84798990)Community levelThis product obvious strongpoint:No any polluter, no noise (1. Make the best of two class collect solar design.2. Glasshouse reflect confi
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Any one can ask us any questions.Or please you view our company web.
Super Night Vision
Super irnvNv-tir catena infrared night vision is highest system in world.Its own large object lens 300mm for night vision, never have so large lens for night vision, so that we can detect a cigarette
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1. These lens will take you very bright image, because them all own prodigious optics aperture.Only own big aperture, the lens can collect more light to CCD.2. Them not only have big aperture, them al
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This night vision can use by car, train, tank, ship etc.It can look 200 m target or over in night, if use gen 3 tube will more far. Also it work with infrared light non-visible in real dark.This night
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Night vision for car (hs code: 90138090)This night vision can use by car, tank, ship etc.It can look 200 m target or over in night. Also it work with infrared light non-visible in real dark.This night
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Car Night visionDriving at night, high beam can light your way in small range while dangers remain in the darkness in distance. Although in the last few years, we got great development in illumination

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