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Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.
13/F, Chongqing Foreign Trade Building, 65 North Jianxin Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China (Mainland)


Composition:1) Si-1: Si99.5% min., Fe: 0.3% max., Al: 0.1% max., Ca: 0.1% max.2) Si-2: Si99.4% min., Fe: 0.4% max., Al: 0.1% max., Ca: 0.1% max.3) Si-3: Si99.3% min., Fe: 0.3% max., Al: 0.3% max., Ca: 0.1% max.4) Si-4: Si99.1% min., Fe: 0.4% max., Al: 0.4% max., Ca: 0.1% max.5) Si-5: Si98.5% min., Fe: 0.5% max., Al: 0.5% max., Ca: 0.3% max.
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Стальной трос и аксессуары
 Steel Wire Rope and Accessories (Стальной трос и аксессуары)
Product Name: Steel Wire Rope and AccessoriesPlace of Origin: ChinaAvailable products:1) Galvanized or ungalvanized steel wire rope (FC or IWRC)2) Steel wire rope with PVC coated3) Stainless steel wir
Бензин Generator
We can supply Ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, ferro-alloy, electronic products, complete sets of equipment, general machinery, marine equipment, steel wire ropes, welding materials, magnetic material
Образный алюминиевый материал
 Aluminum Shaped Material (Образный алюминиевый материал)
Product Name: Aluminum Shaped MaterialPlace of Origin: ChinaMainly supplying series 1, 3, 4, 5, 8 cold and (1+4) hot rolling aluminum sheets, strips and foils with thickness of 0.006-0.2mm, such as ho
Биоспирт производственная линия
 Bio-Alcohol Production Line (Биоспирт производственная линия)
We supply complete equipment for bio-alcohol production lines with capacity of 80,000MT, 50,000MT and 30,000MT on turn-key basis.
Био-дизельный завод
 Bio-Diesel Plant (Био-дизельный завод)
We supply complete equipment for bio-diesel production line with raw material ofrape/sunflower seeds, animal tallow and waste oil, etc on the turnkey basis.
Тростниковый сахар Making M hine
 Cane Sugar Making Machine (Тростниковый сахар Making M hine)
We supply complete sets of machinery for food processing and packing machinery, including edible oil refinery, sugar making and corn/wheat/cassava/potato starch production line on the turnkey basis.
Авто DVD
 Car DVD (Авто DVD)
In-dash motorized 7" wide screen monitor with TV/FM/AM receiver / DVD player
Кукурузный крахмал производственная линия
 Corn Starch Production Line (Кукурузный крахмал производственная линия)
We supply the complete sets of machinery for food processing and packing machinery, including oil refinery, and corn starch production line on the turnkey basis.
Палубные механизмы
 Deck Machinery (Палубные механизмы)
Product Name: Deck MachineryPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) We supply a range of marine equipment, which have been approved by CCS, ABS,LRS, DNV, GL, BV, NK, and KR2) Products include ship, anchor,

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