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5Fl-2, 490 Ta Chin St, Taichung City , Taiwan


Our porudcts are made of from both tinplate and aluminum from the diameter 200 (50mm) to 502 (127mm), its suitable for foods, dry pack, beverage, oil and industrial.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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HID Автоматическая система освещения HID KIT
 HID Auto Lighting System HID Kit (HID Автоматическая система освещения HID KIT)
MTEC HID (high intensity discharge) lighting system.Available colors:3000K - (Golden yellow)4500K - (OEM color)6000K - (Diamond white)8000K - (Aqua blue white)We also offer MTEC D2C xenon bulbs to rep
HID Conversion Kit
 HID Conversion Kit (HID Conversion Kit)
We sell extreme high quality HID Conversion Kits.Highest Quality; Easy to Install; Good Packing Design.E-Marked.Available bulb types:H1H3H4 LoH4 Hi/LoH7H119004900590069007Available Color Temp. (K):430
HID Conversion Kits
 HID Conversion Kits (HID Conversion Kits)
Highest Quality; Good packing design; Easy to install.Available bulb types:H1H3H4 LoH4 Hi/LoH7H119004900590069007For more information, please email us.
HID D1S ксеноновые лампы
 HID D1S Xenon Bulbs (HID D1S ксеноновые лампы)
Xenon Bulbs:1. UV-CUT resist ultraviolet radiation quartz glass.2. Luminosity: 3200 Lm3. Lifespan: >3000 HrsColor Available:3000K: Golden Yellow color4300K: OEM color6000K: Cyber White color8000K: Ice
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 Lathe Machine (Lathe M hine)
You can view all range of our machines with detail specification as well as the picture of each model.And also you can have another website for various style lathe machinesWe sincere hope that we can
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 MTEC HID Conversion Kit (МТЕС HID Conversion Kit)
MTEC HID (high intensity discharge) lighting system.Available colors:3000k - (golden yellow)4500k - (sunlight white)6000k - (diamond white)8000k - (aqua blue white)MTEC HID kits are1. E-mark, ce appro
Вертикально-фрезерный обрабатывающий центр
 Vertical Machining Center (Вертикально-фрезерный обрабатывающий центр)
High-rigidity structure1. All three axes have a hardened box-way design. In addition, the spindle headstock, cloumn, saddle, base, and table are all made of high-quality meehanite cast iron.2. All sli
Стабилизаторы напряжения, Сохранить 10 ~ 20% топлива
 Voltage Stabilizer, Save 10~20% Fuel (Стабилизаторы напряжения, Сохранить 10 ~ 20% топлива)
Benefits:A. Increase torque and horsepower.B. Improve fuel economy from 10% up to 25%.C. Improve engine responseD. Stabilizes idling as well as increases air conditioning efficiency.E. Quick engine st
Удобная поясничной поддержкой
 Comfortable Lumbar Support (Удобная поясничной поддержкой)
Prooduct Features:* Ergonomic Design Protects Vertebrac* Flexible Plastic frame wrapped with 100% polyester netting, provides cool and comfortable support.* Can be adjusted to perfectly fit different

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