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6F, Korea Yakult Bldg.,28-10, Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, SEOUL, Seoul, South Korea


SX series are optimized for self-adhesive vinly (Color sheet) . With excellent light transmission, SX series have been praised by our worldwide customers
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Гибкая упаковка
 Flexible Packaging (Гибкая упаковка)
We are glad to offer nearly all kinds of packaging materials for food& other usage. We produce retort& high barrier zipper pouch with evoh& pvdc layer. We do evoh multi layer pp& ps sheet as well for
Ткани с покрытием из ПВХ и брезента
 PVC Coated Fabric And Tarpaulin (Ткани с покрытием из ПВХ и брезента)
Hanwha polydreamer has been made continuous innovation for all customers. Since 1975, we have offered excellent services for our customers. With our uniflex and unisol products lines, we always have k
Брезент ПВХ покрытием & & Flex Баннер
 PVC Coated Tarpaulin & Flex & Banner (Брезент ПВХ покрытием & & Flex Баннер)
We have been one of the best manufacturers in the field of PVC coated and laminated fabrics (Tarpaulin) for industrial uses and sign business with the high satisfaction for the last 30 years.We are ab
Брезент ПВХ грузовиков Обложка
 PVC Tarpaulin For Truck Cover (Брезент ПВХ грузовиков Обложка)
UNISOL TRUCK is our brand name for the PVC tarpaulin applying for Truck Cover.We have various weights and colors.We are able to produce 3. 2meter width.It is not laminated, It is Spread coated fabric.
Брезент ПВХ, баннер, гибкий F e
 PVC Tarpaulin, Banner, Flexible Face (Брезент ПВХ, баннер, гибкий F e)
Hanwha polydreamer co. Ltd. Started to produce PVC sheet and tarpaulin in 1974 and made an astonishing growth for 30years.However, hanwha polydreaer, who constantly sought for the new and improved tec
 Tarpaulin (Брезент)
Tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, PVC coated fabric, Polyester coated vinyl.It is called by so various names.We are able to supply PVC tarpaulin upto 3. 20m width.Our tarpaulin has very good durability and go
Truck Обложка
 Truck Cover (Truck Обложка)
UNISOL TRUCK series are the specialized fabrics for Truck covers.It has various weights and colors.Available widths: 1. 55m / 2. 50m / 3. 20m.
УНИСОЛ Boat Ткани
 Unisol Boat Fabric (УНИСОЛ Boat Ткани)
UNISOL BOAT fabrics are the specialized fabric for inflatable boats.UNISOL BOAT is consisting of 750gr / sq. M, 950gr / sq. M and 110gr / sq. M.Good Air-tightness, Excellent weldability.Any colors ava
Массовая сумка сумка контейнер
We are offering PVC coated fabric appying Container bag and Bulk bag.Our PVC Tarpaulin fabric is very strong and durable.If you are producing Bulk bag or Container bag, feel free to contact us.

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