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Changzhi Qinghua Machinery Factory
Qinghua Street, Changzhi, Shanxi, China (Mainland)


Compacting refuse collector is mainly used for collecting domestic garbage and industrial and commercial nontoxic garbage. It can not only be used to collect bag packed garbage, but also be used with garbage bins.
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Сжатие Refuse Collector
 Compacting Refuse Collector (Сжатие Refuse Collector)
Product Name: Compacting Refuse CollectorPlace of Origin: ChinaCompacting refuse collector is mainly used for collecting domestic garbage and industrial and commercial nontoxic garbage. It can not onl
 Cylinder (Цилиндр)
CQMF has 40 years experience of designing, developing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. With advanced production facilities, accurate testing devices, and reliable product performance, CQMF has t
Съемный контейнер мусорный коллектор
 Detachable Container Garbage Collector (Съемный контейнер мусорный коллектор)
Product Name: Detachable Container Garbage CollectorPlace of Origin: ChinaWith the capacity ranging from 5 to 12 metric tons, this detachable container garbage collector has the ability of self-loadin
Garbage Truck
 Garbage Truck (Garbage Truck)
Product Name: Garbage TruckPlace of Origin: ChinaGarbage truck is applicable to medium and large scale refuse collecting station. It is used with compressing hoppers and tanks to achieve the transport
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 Hydraulic Cylinder (Гидравлический цилиндр)
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 Parking System (Парктроник)
Based on the advanced technology from South Korean and Japan, we have developed Car-parking system by ourselves since 1998. At present, we have nine types of products, including lift-sliding type, sto
Трубы из ПЭ
 PE Pipes (Трубы из ПЭ)
Product Name: PE PipesPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Diameter: 20 - 450mm2) Applications: water supply, gas supply, industrial use
ПЭ-АЛ-ПЭ труб
 PE-AL-PE Pipes (ПЭ-АЛ-ПЭ труб)
Product Name: PE-AL-PE PipesPlace of Origin: ChinaAs a high-tech product, "Yongteng" branded polyethlene-aluminium-polyethlene pipe is as strong as metal pipes and is easy to bend without fo
PE-X Трубы
 PE-X Pipes (PE-X Трубы)
Product Name: PE-X PipesPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Diameter: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm2) Working temperature: -700 ~ +950oC3) Applications: drinking water system, chemical transportation

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