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Nanjing Huamai Technology Co., Ltd.
No.11 Runfa Road,Dongshan Street Industry Concentrative Zone, Jiangning, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 211103 &nbs


Product name:Microstrip Power SplitterSpecification
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Оптические Кабельные соединения шкафов Крест
 Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinets (Оптические Кабельные соединения шкафов Крест)
Operating conditions:1) Operating temperature: -40 ~ +60°C2) Storage and transportation temperature: -25 ~ +55°C3) Relative humidity: ≤85% (at +30°C)4) Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106KP
Оптическое волокно Распределение Frame
 Optical Fiber Distribution Frame (Оптическое волокно Распределение Frame)
Specifications:1) Frame dimensions (H x W x D):a) 2,600 x 732 x 300mmb) 2,200 x 732 x 300mmc) 2,000 x 732 x 300mm2) Non-ribbon optical fiber capacity:a) 432coresb) 360coresc) 288cores3) Ribbon optical
 Patch Cord (Патч-корд)
Specifications:1) Product types: UPC, APC, PC2) Insertion loss: &le0.2dB, ≤0.3dB, ≤0.3dB3) Reportable: ≤0.1dB4) Working temperature: -40 - 80°C5) Return loss: ≥50dB, ≥
 Pigtails (Pigtails)
Specifications:1) Production types: UPC, APC, PC2) Insertion loss: ≤0.2dB, ≤0.3dB, ≤0.3dB3) Reportable: ≤0.1dB4) Working temperature: -40 - 80oC5) Return loss: ≥50dB, 
Модуль защиты
 Protection Module (Модуль защиты)
It has excess voltage and current protection function, also has overload to earthingfunction. We use the three electrodes gaseous discharge tube and high polymerPTC as the protection component. The wh
Rj45 & RJ11 J ks
 Rj45 & Rj11 Jacks (Rj45 & RJ11 J ks)
Features:1) Contact resistance (body resistance not included):normal atmosphere2) Insulation resistance: ≥1,000M ohms under normal atmosphere3) Dielectric strength: DC 1,000V (AC 700V) (no break-do
Стебли ремней безопасности
 Safety Belt Stems (Стебли ремней безопасности)
Features:1) Structure: tie-in and cable joint stema) Surface anti-erosion capability: ASTM B117-85, spray-plastic part ≥50 hours,zincification part (color or black) ≥72 hoursb) Pull streng
Seat Stem
 Seat Stem (Seat Stem)
We can supply various stems for automotive parts.
Терминал разделки "Все в одном из лотков
 Terminal Splicing All-in-One Tray (Терминал разделки "Все в одном из лотков)
Features:1) Dimensions (H x W x D): 27 x 300 x 200mm2) 12 fiber cores

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