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China Erato E-vehicle Manufacturering Co., Ltd
Fengjing Industrial Zone, Jinshan District, Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)


We are the only company with hundreds pcs bulk production of big power Electric scooter in china and we have exported ZAPINO to ZAP, who is the first listed company in field of EV. . . . . . . .Being a public company, ZAP take care with quality than other importers and Sanfansico steepy road have proved big torque of our scooter!So you dont need to worry about our quality and performance!
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2 Wh l Drive Electric ATV
We are producing the first marketable 4kw electric ATV in the world. . . .With 2 BLDC hub motors drive, it is powerful like 150cc ATV.
Электрических скутеров
We have update the power to be 3000W and speed up to 75km / HMotor: 2000W or 3000W Brushless Hub motorMax torque: up to 120Nm at 55A currentRate current at 35km / h speed: only 15AMax speed: 2000W is
3000W литий Power Scooter
 3000w Lithium Power Scooter (3000W литий Power Scooter)
We upgrade Lithium battery from 30AH to be 40AH each cell.And now my 3000W scooter with lithium battery already range 135kms at 20cellAnd 2000W with lithium battery already range 100kms at 15cellThis
3000W Стили Электрический всадник Мотоциклы
3000w Rider Styles Electric Motorcycles (3000W Стили Электрический всадник Мотоциклы)
This is the first rider style electric motorcycles with top speed 80km / H.Cooler, stable and flash. . . .It is very easy to do promotion on police order.
6 фразу BLDC двигатель с Water Proof Connector
6 Phrase Bldc Motor With Water Proof Connector (6 фразу BLDC двигатель с Water Proof Connector)
Since we owned the head technology of motor / controller. All motors are produced by ourself. We can adjust the copper winding and make RPM to be quicker to meet high speed requirement (for example, 1
Массовое производство Опыт электрический мотоцикл
Bulk Production Experience Of Electric Motorcycle (Массовое производство Опыт электрический мотоцикл)
18 months of bulk production experience in field of on road electric motorcycles ensure of our reliable quality and good after sale service. Worldwide viewing, only evt and e-max have such experience

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