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Zibo Nachl Textile Science Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Rm, 625 B Bldg. No. 135 Zhengtong Road, Zibo City, Shandong, China (Mainland)


We also could supply you silk-milk blankets, bamboo blankets etc.
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Другие товары этого производителя :
Соевые игрушки
Our soybean toys are most export to u. S. markets
Соевое, Бамбук, полотенце
We could supply you the following towel / bath towel / beach towel:Soybean,Bamboo,Nachl (antibiosis, and deodorization series products) ,Cottonetc.
Комплекты постельных принадлежностей
We could supply anti-bacterial series fabrics. Used for home textile such as bedding, underwear, socks, baby clothes etc.
Пламя Retardant перину
 Flame Retardant Bed Cover (Пламя Retardant перину)
We could supply flame retardant bed cover, flame retardant babys suit, flame retardant protection garments etc. and the bed cover including the followings: velvet, knitted terry, woven fabric, knitted
Природные Антибиоз, и дезодорации белье
 Natural Antibiosis, And Deodorization Underwear (Природные Антибиоз, и дезодорации белье)
Natural dampproof, sweat absorbing, antibiosis, and deodorization series products, such as man / women underwear, babys suit, socks, bed sets, towel etc.
Акриловые Одеяло
The details spec. Coula as the buyers demand.
Акриловой пряжи
We could supply you the following yarns:Acrylic yarn dyed or raw white;Fancy yarns;Smiling yarns;Viscose yarns;The main export market is Bangladesh.
Хлопчатобумажные ткани
We could supply the following fabrics:Cotton fabricAntibiosis, and deodorization fabricsBamboo jacquard fabricSoybean jacquard fabricetc.
Стеклопакетами Пламя Retardant Ткани
The products are suggested in used for bed cover

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