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Shenzhen Shierjie Biotech Co., Ltd.
Room 302, Hongtu Building, Fuqing Street, Fuhua Road, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Employ original disinfect, imports innovative biological technique, adds potentiations such as plants extract,capable of eliminating various pathogenic bacteria concealed in clothes or object surface thoroughy.Having especially nice antiseptic and cleaning effect of blood on clothes, secretion on underwear.Effectively eliminate peculiar odors such as mouldy odour, smell of fish from clothes or object surface
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Одноразовая белье
Pure cottonAnti-septical disposable underwear for male and femaleSuitable for Spa, travell, menstruation,daily use etc.
Одноразовая белье
1.100% pure cotton, upper-scale border, comfortable and air permeatable2. Body fit and elastic, no loose.3. Specially antiseptic and mould proofing process, sterilized with ultraviolet for 24 hours, s
Удаление белье
Employ 100% cotton combing, upper-scale border, comfortable and gas permeatable.Body fit and elastic. no loose;Specifically antiseptic and mould proofing process, sterilized with ultraviolet for 24 ho
Employ high quality pure cotton non-woven cloth, exquisite and pure white.Suitable for addition of any beauty essence fluid.Sterilization and disinfect with ultraviolet.Super-strong absorption.
Семья Бактерициды
Family BactericideIt is suitable for the sterilization and cleaning of the business center, hotel, foot message leisure center and other public and family. Also it is suitable for sterilizing the hand
Леди здравоохранения жидкостей
Empolyed the latest biology science and technique formulation, acuquiring unique IRGASAN DP-300 ingredient with long persisting time of perfume and bacteria inhibiting effective rage of more than 90%.
Жидкое мыло
With Aloe, Vitamin E, atcive agentSpecial anti-bacterial formula350ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle
Ополаскивания рта
Contains advanced imported disinfecting ingredient, has addition of various plant essence,Can effectively elimilating a variety of harmful bacterial in dental cavity, at the same time inhibiting bacte
Стерилизованные влажных салфеток
Single packet10psc/pack18*18cm45gsm non-woven

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