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Zibo Rous Hi-Temp. Product Co., Ltd.
(Room 512, Building B, Hi-Tech Venture Park) 135 Zhengtong Road, New Hi-Tech Area, Zibo, Shandong, China (Mainland)


Product Name: Silicon Carbide Heating ElementPlace of Origin: ChinaThe GD (straight) type is the standard element and a high-density sintered siliconcarbide element. It is available with a large range of diameters and lengths intwo cold end types, as follows:1) Size: 8/200/150, resistance: 1.8-3.42) Size: 12/300/250, resistance: 1.9-3.53) Size: 14/300/200, resistance: 1.3-2.34) Size: 16/300/200, resistance: 1.0-2.05) Size: 20/600/400, resistance: 1.5-2.86) Size: 25/1000/400, resistance: 1.8-3.27) Size: 35/1500/400, resistance: 1.3-2.3GC type is one of the earliest heating element designs. The enlarged cold end ofthe dumbbell style element was originally made over sized to increase cold end crosssection and lower electrical resistance. There should be colder operating temperature.WU type comprises two carefully matched SiC rods, united with a silicon carbide bridge,with U type element providing for wiring both terminals form one side ofthe furnace. Its ideal for drop-through designs, radiant tube systems or somewhereone element will not span heating chamber.Spiral type is high-density double spiral element, to be cut to place both electricalterminations on the same side of the element. Equipped with an integral terminalassembly, this type element reduces the cost of furnace construction, maintenanceand wiring, especially where furnace design or dimensions preclude wiringfrom bough ends, and is ideal for blind holes.Note:1) Size = diameter / hot zone length / cold zone length2) The size and resistance can be designed upon customers requirementsPacking:Wooden box
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