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Товары для спорта и отдыха /  Все для летних видов спорта /  Все для бега и легкой атлетики /  Спортивная форма для бега и легкой атлетики / 
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7-See Impex
P. O. Box 2162, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan


We can offer you high quality Sportswear, Sport Balls & Gloves.You can be assure of high quality Sportswear that contain Track Suits, Soccer & Basketball Uniforms & Accessories from our efficient team.
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 Sportswear (Спортивные)
We produce high quality sportswear that meet customers satisfaction world-wide.Micro is a high quality track suit made for atheletic sportswear made with inner lining for maximum comfort.
Баскетбол Униформа
Professional basketball uniforms are offered in 100% Polyester material with customer logo & design.
 Basketballs (Basketballs)
Quality training ball made for improving skills of professionals. Available in required sizes, color& logo.
Кока-Кола "Рекламная Ball
 Coca Cola Promotional Ball (Кока-Кола "Рекламная Ball)
Coca cola promotional ball is an excellent way of marketing for many famous brands before world cup-2006. As football fever is on rise, so we offer promotional balls with better quality in your own co
 Football (Футбол)
Striker is a league/training quality football tested according to ims&fifa specifications for size, shape&weight.We offer guaranteed quality with customer required design&logo.
Футбол & Футбол
 Football & Soccer (Футбол & Футбол)
Superior is a high quality guaranteed soccer ball made according to FIFA Specifications. Construction of this Match Quality Ball is consists imported PU WAMS material with Butyl bladder.Ball features
Рекламный флаг Ball
 Promotional Flag Ball (Рекламный флаг Ball)
We are offering superior quality promotional flag balls for different countries for their supporters. Our balls features following:1. Country flag & name2. Special ring representing national colors3.
Футбол Равномерное
 Soccer Uniform (Футбол Равномерное)
100% polyester made soccer uniform with special self print design.Available in customer design with logo. S-XL sizes are available.

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