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Shang Kai Enterprise
Blk 772 Bedok Reservoir View #14-149, Singapore


We are exporter for local brand dishwashing liquid. Buyers interested, please send email for more information
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Glade Air Fresher
We sell glade air fresher as follows:Lavender 250ml, 350mlLemon fresh-250ml, 350mlWhite Jasmine-250mlRose bouquet-250ml, 350mlOrange-250ml, 350mlBuyer interested please send email for more details.
Мгновенный Карри Вставить
We are exporter for A1 Curry paste for lamb, chicken, fish, seafood and rendang. Buyer interested please send email for our competitive price.
Johnson & Johnson продукты
We have Johnson & Johnson products such as baby powder, cologne, shampoo, lotion, bath, clean & clear cleanser, foaming wash, toner and pantyliner. Buyer interested, please send email.
Корейский Skin Care Products
We are exporter for Korean skin care products made of herbal such as toner, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream, nutritional cream and face mask.
Laundry Detergent
We are exporter for various brands laundry detergent. Buyer interested please send email for more information.
Сухое молоко
We are exporter for baby milk powder. Packing 1. 4kg, 1. 8kg, 2kg. Buyer interested please send email for more information.
Офисные стулья
We are exporter from Singapore for executive office chairs with various designs. Buyer interested, please send email to us for more details.
Мыло Palmolive
We can export palmolive soap (100g) from Malaysia to all countries. Flavours - pearl powder (purple pack), aloe (green), citrus & cream (orange) and rose (pink). All enquiries are welcome.
Panty Линейное
We sell laurier, kotex and whisper panty liner. Buyer interested please send email for more details.

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