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Zhejiang Sanyuan Tourist Products Co., Ltd.
Haihang Road, Agricultural Development Zone, Haining, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Zip: 314422


Features:1) Product range includes: shower caps, sewing kits, dental kits, shaving kits,shampoos, soaps, bath foams, combs, detergents, talcum powders, emery boards,shoe shines, shoe mitts, cotton buds, cotton balls, and many more2) You may have them in various designs, materials, packaging and sizes to bestsuit your need3) Environmentally friendly amenities with packaging for recycled materials are alsoavailable4) All products can be personalized with a logo according to requirements
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Hotel Hanger
There are so many kind hangers in our factory. We can supply hangers as your style and your size. The common size is 445*235*12mm, and the MOQ is 5000Various mateials ,sizes ,styles for your choice
Набор для шитья
Standard 6 threads sewing kit in 1 color paper boxAlso according to our customersrequirement.
Шапочка для душа
18" clear shower cap in paper box, loose, in sachet, or some other different package.
Зубная щетка Kit
Toothbrush kit:toothbrush,there are so many kinds for your choice,and also produce the items exactlly as your samples.Tooth paste:the weight?Package:as customized
Тщеславие Kit
Vanity kit include : cotton buds,cotton balls,cotton bads,cotton tips,cotton pads...Then you can let us know what items you are interested in your vanity kit.And customized packing available ,your log
Vanity Set
We supply vanity sets in different packages.Such as 3* cotton buds+3*cotton bads hygienically packed in transparent foil.And paper box or what all is ok.We will pack all the items as requirment of our
 Bar Soap (Мыло)
Features:1) Natural vegetable soap2) Paper wrapped3) From 15g to 50g rectangular soap4) Logo will print on front paper and other printing on back5) Fragrance/scent as your choice6) Color as your choic
Туалетное мыло
 Bath Soap (Туалетное мыло)
Soaps:Type: bath soap / face soap / hand soap / toilet soap / laundry soapShape: round / rectangular / brick / saddle / barWeight: 5g - 150gColor: white (mainly) / purple / blue / green,Perfume: diffe
Туалетное мыло
 Bath Soap (Туалетное мыло)
Natural vegetable soap1) Sachet packaging2) From 15g to 40g round or rectangular soap3) Sachet printing template charge will be paid4) Logo is printed on the front and ingredient printed on the back4)

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