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Via S. Anna 15, Alghero, SS, Italy, Italy


Top quality corks - any size and type of cork stopper you may need to preserve your wines, grapes, champagne.100% italian cork.Located in sardinia island (italy), within an area characterized by high density of cork-oaks, this company has been taking care since 40 years of each step of the process from cork extracion to stoppers delivey.Care and experience in treating raw, constant research, systematic laboratory tests, careful selection lead these products to the very top level.Range of production includes:- natural corks (standard or washed);- agglomerated and technical corks;- tapered corks (1+1, +2... );- special corks for champagne etc;Different product classes and measures available.Stable and long term supplying is affordable with standard quality guaranteed.Please contact us for details, specific requests and prices!We also seeking for agents in Europe and partnership in Central/latin America
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Пекорино Романо сыра
 Pecorino Romano Cheese (Пекорино Романо сыра)
Pure "pecorino romano", renowned italian traditional cheese from sheeps milk.This is a protected origin dairy product, obtained exclusively from milk of sheeps raised in the approved areas o
Овцы сухое молоко
 Sheep Milk Powder (Овцы сухое молоко)
Whole and skimmed milk powder from ewes milk - high quality product, made from ewes milk, produced in Italy.Free flowing, creamy, white, neutral flavour powder.1. DRIED WHOLE MILK POWDERMoisture 1%, p
Овечьего молока порошкового
 Sheep`s Milk Powder (Овечьего молока порошкового)
Spray dried milk powder, whole and skimmed, from ewes milk.High quality product, made from ewes milk, produced in Italy. ISO 9001/14001 certified company.Free flowing, creamy, white, neutral flavour p
Корка Бары для производства Сандалии
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Оливковое масло
Pure extra virgin olive oil from Italy.The best olive oils, extra virgin grade, from italian handicraft tradition. Standard and pod certified.Due to their great organoleptic characteristics, these pro
Здоровое питание / Nutricosmetic для контроля веса и уход за кожей
Ideal for weight loss and skin care!!A mix of functional food powdered ingredients: Cocoa, stem of ananas, soy and carube. Absolutely free of any preservatives.Ingredients are powdered and ultra-sound
Дискеты натуральной пробки и колпачки
We offer natural cok discs, various diameter and thickness.Diskettes of natural cork, personalized diameter and thickness, for various use such us caps to apply to agglomerated cork stoppers.Pure high
Всего молоко
We are offering WHOLE MILK CREAM produced in Sardinia, Italy, by screaming whole ewe milkDry matter 70%, Protein 3%, Fat 60%Awaiting for your kind enquiries
Red/white wines variety from Italy.A wide offer of good italian wines from a selection of wineries and cellars keeping the italian winemaking tradition:- vintage wines;- middle-aged and early drinking

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