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Shenzhen Visson Electronics Co., Ltd
2 / F, Blk A, Dajiahao Square, Zone 28, Bao'an, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Ultraviolet toothbrush disinfectorVs-04Features:1)use the principle sterilization of ultraviolet radiation, make your toothbrush clean and antisepsis2)it will automatic closed the ultraviolet light in two minutes, save the power and trouble.3)it can be hang one the wall, beautiful4)it can be opened and placed with one hand, make it easily. But doesnt like the traditional one which need to open the door then take out the brush5)with low price, everybody can use itSafety beautiful designUse 4 pcs ag13 fastener battery.Color box size:6.5x5.0x6.0cm60pcs/inner boxInner carton size:34x21.5x20cmQty:240pcs/CTNN. W.:12.5kgsG. W.:14.5kgsMeas:46.5x34.5x43cm
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Vibrational Slimming BeltModel NO: VS-1028Features:1) Adopting micro computer technology, the high efficiency degreasing belt will directly act on the abdomen and back part with high efficiency vibrat
FM-радио солнцезащитные очки
 FM Radio Sunglasses (FM-радио солнцезащитные очки)
VS-6581) Advanced polarized lens, absorbing UVA and UVB below 400nm, resistingImpact, maximum protecting eyes2) Easily locked and opened cover for changing batteries3) High-intensity frame4) Auto-scan
Magic-лампа Цифровой будильник
 Magic-Bulb Digital Alarm Clock (Magic-лампа Цифровой будильник)
special features:it can soothe and relieve your pressure and stress which are caused bymany other factors such as work; it is a fully functional alarm clock,it changes colors with 7 different choices.
Мини Key Chain Судоку
 Mini Key Chain Sudoku (Мини Key Chain Судоку)
Model NO:VS-610Features:Input six numbers form 1 to 6 to a square with size of 6*6,and avoid number repeating either in each line or each column.*If the system is idle for 3 minutes, it will auto powe
Ногтей Принтер (Print-най-дизайн)
 Nail Printer (print-a-nai Design) (Ногтей Принтер (Print-най-дизайн))
Nail printer(print-a-nai design)Model no: Vs-1061Features:The complete&professional system for printing desings on nails1) easy to do at home in a few minutes2) various colors available3) various draw
Благоприятный Piggy Glowing Цифровой будильник
 Propitious Piggy Glowing Digital Alarm Clock (Благоприятный Piggy Glowing Цифровой будильник)
Model No: VS-29* Novelty design, favonian symbol of 2007* 7 color changing alarm clock* Temperature, time display* Calendar* Touching light, light sequenceLCD Power supply: DC 3V (AG13*2) / 1mA includ
Солнечная Mosquito Killer
 Solar Mosquito Killer (Солнечная Mosquito Killer)
Solar Pest KillerModel No: VS-231BDescription:The light is powered by solar energy through solar panel, The solar panel converts sunlight into electric energy and then charges built-in "AA"N
Подсветка Судоку
Product name: Backlight sudokuModel number: Vs-636a1) display: Large LCD screen 57.5*55.3mm2) mode: Easy, medium, hard3) time and date function4) alarm function5) game function6) sound hint7) million
Гибкая клавиатура
Features:1) an innovative multimedia keyboard supporting different languages2) high quality for laser printing on the keycaps for longer lastingWithout fading3) extend more using time with silica gel4

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