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7fl-1, 339 Chung Cheng Rd Taipei Hsien 220 Taiwan, Taipei Hsien , TW, Taiwan


20W TG102B-20 Project SeriesSpecificationframe-Black /: Whitecolor-R/G/B/Y/W/VLED Source 1W x 20pcsBeam Angle15o /30o/45oHousing Die Cast Aluminum Housing Die cast aluminum housing with the clear tempered glass, totally waterproof, can be suitable with any humidity and temperature. Rational design for the structure, the angle can be adjusted optionally, and the mounting holes on the edge help to place the device easily.Lenses- Clear Tempered GlassPower Consumption-30W Max at full intensityProtection Rating- IP65Voltage-220VSize-350x 235 x 90 mmLife->=50000HRAdopt 20 pieces of high power LED, with high efficient focused lense, the light can reach 12-18 metersHas a high adapbtability in applications such as public illumination, market place lighting, airport, subway, viaduct etc.LED ApplicationsPartial lighting,accent lightingHigh building contour lightingWallwashing applicationsOutside transmission landscape from inside
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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