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Shenzhen Bluish Electronics Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Specification parameters:* detecting range: Soft label 1.0~1.2m, hard label 1.2~1.5m* center frequency:8mhz +_0.05mhz* scan rate:180hz +_1hz* power source and power depletion:* work environment: Temperature: -10 ~ +5 humidity:Capability:* applies the intelligent numeric identify technology, good capability and stability* realizes the system combination of single way, double ways and many ways* provides the individual design according to the environments* effectively reduces the brigandage* recognizes many kinds of tags such as soft tags, hard tags and bottle tags.Applications:* toggery, super market, shopping square, decoration and gift shop, bookstore, library, beadhouse, kindergarten, etc.
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336x280 banner
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