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Wuxi Joyray International Corp.
No.4 Jiankang Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Special designed device for adjustment of screen heightExtreme smooth screen extraction with precision stoppingAudio visual format: 4:3, 16:9, 1:1
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Предварительно Таможенный Hair Extension
 Pre-Bonded Hair Extension (Предварительно Таможенный Hair Extension)
Features:1) Made of 100% Human Hair, 12-38" length, I-shape, U-shape, V-shape2) Various styles and colors to choose3) Competitive price and high quality
Печатный Велюр Пляжное полотенце
 Printed Velour Beach Towel (Печатный Велюр Пляжное полотенце)
We can make print to amount of 12 sets of colors and the biggest towel areas can reach 250mm x 200mm.
ПУ (Полиуретан) Dip покрытием Перчатки
 PU (Polyurethane) Dip-Coated Gloves (ПУ (Полиуретан) Dip покрытием Перчатки)
13g 100% nylon knitted glove liner, plain white or different colors available1/2 dip-coated with PU, different colors of PU available; smooth finish; we can also make the coating rough finish (newest
ПВХ (поливинилхлорид) Dip покрытием Перчатки
 PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Dip-Coated Gloves (ПВХ (поливинилхлорид) Dip покрытием Перчатки)
Foam between interlock cotton fabric supported liner & cotton jersey inner linerDouble colors dip-coated, rough finish; sandy finish, grit finish, and normal smooth finish are availableSize of 10"
Safety Magic Cutter
 Safety Magic Cutter (Safety Magic Cutter)
Just put the flat edge on the paper and pull towards yourself while pressing down. To avoid cutting more than one sheet at a time, use less pressure on thin paper and apply greater pressure on thick p
 Scarf (Шарф)
Size: 140 x 20cmWeight: 200gComposition: 100% polyPacking: according to the buyers
 Scarf (Шарф)
Size: 135 x 18cmWeigth: 120g/pComposition: 100% polyPacking: according to the buyers
 Scarf (Шарф)
Size: 135 x 18cmWeight: 255g/pComposition: 100% polyPacking: according to the buyers
 Shawl (Шаль)
Size: 50" x 6"Weight: 258g/pComposition: 100% polyPacking: according to the buyers

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