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Shanghai Jinyuan Food Production Utensil Co., Ltd.
1406 Baishi Road, Xiangban Village, Baihe Town, Qingpu, Shanghai, China (Mainland)


Features:1) Material: combination paper coated with PP2) Various styles and sizes
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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 Doily (Салфетка)
These doilies are made of various pattern papers with alternative sizes.
Тесто Ролики
 Dough Rollers (Тесто Ролики)
Features:1) Useful tools for baking and cooking2) Dimensions: 210 x 35mm - 480 x 60mm
Флаг выборка
 Flag Picks (Флаг выборка)
Features:1) Beautiful and colorful party picks 2) Various shapes and colors available
Формы поле пудинг
 Hollow Pudding Molds (Формы поле пудинг)
Features:1) Made of aluminum/aluminum alloy2) With free bottom3) Size: 5 - 8"
Мусс Формы
 Mousse Molds (Мусс Формы)
Features: 1) Material: stainless steel or aluminum alloy2) Designed with different shapes
Non-Stick Торт Формы
 Non-Stick Cake Molds (Non-Stick Торт Формы)
Features:1) Made of steel2) Dimensions: 200 x 75 x 35mm - 250 x 86 x 45mm
Non-Stick кондитерские Mold
 Non-Stick Pastry Mold (Non-Stick кондитерские Mold)
Product Name: Non-Stick Pastry MoldModel Number: JY1028Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Various shapes and sizes2) Dimensions: 110 x 100 x 28mm - 160 x 190 x 30mm
Non-Stick Pie Mold
 Non-Stick Pie Mold (Non-Stick Pie Mold)
Features:1) With free bottom2) Made of steel coated with Teflon3) Size: 10" (230 x 250 x 70mm)
Бумажных стаканчиков Drink
 Paper Drink Cups (Бумажных стаканчиков Drink)
Features:1) Various capacities available2) Material and print: as per clients requests

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