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Aesta Development Co., Ltd
Haizhu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


We would like to offer gillete mach3/turbo blades. Original quanlity.The lowest price depend on the quantity.Mini order:1000carts.If you request, pls contact to me.
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Gillete Blades
Our factory is in China. We would like to as folloe as gillete razor blades, gillete mach3, gillete mach3 turbo, etcIf you interest it, pls free contact to me.I look forward to you.
Растущих волос шампунем
1.have excellent quality and unique functions and effects hair growing product2.contains high pure nourishing extracts of tibetan medicine,and specially nourish and care the cells of hair follicle tis
M h 3 Power Blades
We would like to offer mach 3/mach 3 turbo/mach 3 power blades.Higest quality.Mini order:2000packsWe can offer original products.Welcome to email.
M h3 Turbo Blades
We would like to offer gillete blades. Such as mach3, mach3 turbo blades. Best quanlity. Mini order:1000packs.If you request them, pls contact us.
Our factory is manufactoring 925 silver/copper/alloy jewellry.Products: Necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, etc.We have own designs, and welcome your design.Best quanlities, best prices, best sevices.I
Razor Blade
We would like to offer as follow as Gillete Mach3. The remark:1. Specification of cartridge: Four pcs, triple-blade;2. Weight of cartridge:28.99G;3. Packing:12cartridges/72cartridges/288cartridges;4.
Shopping Bags
1. Japen material2. Three color3. Hongkong eco-label.4. Price is RMB2.5/pcs, fob guangzhou5. Mini order:20000pcs
Серебряные ювелирные
We would like to offer fashion jewellry.The material is 925silver.The price FOB China: $19/pcsIf you interest, pls contact to me. If you have time, pls view our web
Sterling Silver Jewelry
We would like to offer brand jewellry.Sterling silver, bead jewelleryOur factory is in Guangzhou China.Welcome to your request.

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