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Wuxi Tiger Manufacture
Lihe Village, Shuofang Town, New Area, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 214021


Features:1) The motor movement angle and the sequin dressing angle may set up on theoperation dahao panel2) The step of needle may be programmed3) The same or different size can be dressed up, and they could be eitheroverlapping or flodSpecifications:1) Stitch distance: 3mm - 9mm2) Speed: 80 - 1,000 spead/m3) Electron orientation clutch motor4) Electricity: 220V 50Hz, 380V 60Hz5) Power: 560WPacking: vacuum packing and wooden box packing
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Двухместные Sequin Швейные машины с ножом и Dahao Компьютерные
 Double Sequin Sewing Machine with Knife And Dahao Computer (Двухместные Sequin Швейные машины с ножом и Dahao Компьютерные)
Double sequin sewing machine (lace machine in short) is mainly used for lace decoration of shell fabric, curtains, etc. And it also has the same functions of stitching sequins. After simple setting, c
Модные Смотреть
 Fashionable Watch (Модные Смотреть)
High quality and best design for lady watch!
Модные Смотреть
 Fashionable Watch (Модные Смотреть)
Product Name: Fashionable WatchModel Number: watch -002Place of Origin: ChinaHigh quality and best design for lady watch!
Стеклянные шарики
 Glass Beads (Стеклянные шарики)
Features:1) Size: 11/0, 8/02) Color:a) Transparent bright flakeb) Silver-base solid-color flakec) Laser-bright flaked) Cream color flake3) Shape: 2 cut / roundInner packing:100yds/roll, 50yds/rollOute
 Lace (Кружева)
We can supply all kinds of fancy yard.
Кружева машины
 Lace Machine (Кружева машины)
Feature:It is used for large decorativesittching in making sweaters, coats, fashionable dress, slippers,woolen blankets and cushionsSpecification:Working speed: 1200/min
LCD Digital Photo Frame для просмотра фото
 LCD Digital Photo Frame For View Photo (LCD Digital Photo Frame для просмотра фото)
Digital photo frame with speaker and USBScreen Type/Size: Active Matrix TFT LCD 7 inchesResolution:7 for 480 *234(larger pictures are auto scaled to fit the screen)Brightness:250CD/SquareContrast Rati
Металл бусы
 Metal Beads (Металл бусы)
Product Name: Metal BeadsModel Number: ART--021Place of Origin: ChinaWe can supply all kinds of fancy beads.
Nailhead Машина WXN-01
 Nailhead Machine WXN-01 (Nailhead Машина WXN-01)
Product Name: Nailhead Machine WXN-01Model Number: WXN-01Place of Origin: ChinaSPECIFICATION:A single machine capable of handling 3 kinds of channels (3 kinds of sizes). Very efficient and can be easi

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