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Adshi Cosmetics Equipment Company Limited
608, Building 3, Chutian Jiayuan, 18 Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. China


We are the professional body jewelry supplier in china, speicial in acyrl body jewlery, our acryl body jewlery supply at a very lower price, please contact with us for details information and price.Banana 1.6*10mm 5/8mm ball mixed colorBanana 1.2*8mm 3/3,4/4mm ball mixed colorBanana 1.2*8mm 3/3,4/4mm cone mixed colorBarbell 1.6*16mm 5/5mm ball mixed colorCircul 1.2*8mm 3/3,4/4mm ball,cone mixed colorTwiners 1.2*8mm 3/3,4/4mm ball, cone mixed colorYou can choose your interesting color and design, or canMixed.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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ADShi Cosmetic Equipment Company Limited design and supply diffrent kinds of belly ring, form 316L BASIC BODY JEWLRY to fashin design, belly Chain,pendent body jewelry,we still can according your desi
Логотип Украшения для тела
We are glad to produce logo body jewelry according to customer design, or you can choose our design.Belly ring:1.6*10 5-6/8mm ball with logoTongue ring:1.6*16 5/6mm ball with logo1.6*16 5/8mm flat bal
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We sell piercing kit set and loose piercing tool,We have two piercing kit set,1 for 8 professional piercing tools/set1 for 6 professional piercing tools, 14 body jewelry,14 piercing needle and 1 teach
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We supply body piercing needle form 20g-8gSteriled single blister pack,Long taper cut,100pcs per box
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Big finger power supply/size:18x12x17cm/weight:2.5kgs
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Big LCD power supply/size:18x12x17cm/weight:2.5kgs
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Small power supply/weight:0.5kgsInput:110-220vOutput:3-12v
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LCD screen weight:1.5kgs with clipcord & footswitch input:110/220v output:1-18v
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Weight:1.5kgs include footswitch and clipcord, stainless steel out case, INPUT 110-230V OUTPUT 0-18V 1.5AMP 50pcs will printing customers logo

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