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Linkia International Pte. Ltd.
25 Jalan Buroh, Singapore
+65--6862 +0769


We can offer a wide range of products and services for markets including Germanium ornaments, Germanium Sticker, Germanium granule, Germanium Powder and 0rganic germanium etc.
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Аналоговые кварцевые часы
 Quartz Analog Watches (Аналоговые кварцевые часы)
We can supply a kind of high-quality jewelry wristwatch, inlaid by four natural sapphires, some natural diamonds are used in the dial plate numeral.We can also do according to customers individual req
Shoulder Bag
 Shoulder Bag (Shoulder Bag)
We can supply you with kinds of bags: Leisure bag, brifecases, wallet, etc with the aim of first class quality, competitive prices and comprehensive after-sales services.
 Umbrella (Зонт)
We provide kinds of umbrella such as gift and promotional umbrella, advertisement umbrella, out door umbrella, beach umbrella, children umbrella, golf umbrella. . .
Nail Clipper
1) It is an cumtom-made special business card for you, you can print your contact information and logo onto it.2) It can be used every three or four days so that your customers can remember you whenev
Титановый браслет
Titanium bracelet with 99. 9999% Germanium Granule
Воздушный шар
 Balloon (Воздушный шар)
We have been engaged in balloon lines for several years with rich experience in manufacturing and international trading. We can supply you with metallic balloons, festival balloons, aluminum foil ball

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