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Zhejiang Shindai Group Co., Ltd.
1888 Jianghui Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Zip: 311305


We are located in Zhejiang province, the most famous producing area of silk carpet in China. The main products including 120L,140L,90/180L(foldable) and 110/220L(foldable).
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Сшивка Матрас
 Stitching Mattress (Сшивка Матрас)
Specifications:1) Fabric: 100% cotton printed2) Filling: 100% memory PU
Летний Матрас
 Summer Mattress (Летний Матрас)
Specifications:1) Fabric: 100% microfiber polyester printed2) Filling: 70% white duck down3) Soft touch and nice feeling in air conditioner
Шерсть Увлеченные Ковер
 Wool Hooked Rug (Шерсть Увлеченные Ковер)
Material: Wool, cottonSpecification:70l,90l,120l,140lBacking: Gauze, cotton
Зиг-Заг Матрас
 Zig-Zag Mattress (Зиг-Заг Матрас)
Specifications:1) Fabric: 100% cotton2) Filling: 100% polyester fibre
Вертикальная компонента для Blind
Component For Vertical Blind (Вертикальная компонента для Blind)
Packing:80-120m/roll,4rolls/ctnDelivery Time:30Payment Terms:L/C
Roll Scr n
Roll Screen (Roll Scr n)
Packing:1pc/case,6pcs or more/ctnDelivery Time:30Payment Terms:L/C
Аррорут Крахмал
 Arrowroot Starch (Аррорут Крахмал)
We are a large group company deal with home fashion goods and heath food stuff. Arrowroot starch is one of our products.It is refind from wild arrowroot byAutomatic line without any impurites.It is us
Бамбук Be h Матем
 Bamboo Beach Mat (Бамбук Be h Матем)
We are manufacturer,located in Zhejiang province, producing bamboo products. Bamboo Beach mat is one of our products.Surface:Bamboo woven matBack face:Aluminium foilBorder:PPRegular size:80X180cmPacki
Бамбук Carpet
 Bamboo Carpet (Бамбук Carpet)
We are a manufacturer, located in Zhejiang province, producing bamboo products. Bamboo carpet is one of our products.Material: BambooSlat:1.25mm,5mm,17mm, etc.Color: Green, natural, brownWeaving: With

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