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raybanco Meteor.

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Информация о производителе
Anhui Silk Co., Ltd


There are many different specifications and brocade designs glasses box available from us.Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have inquiry for it.
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Jewelry Box
 Jewelry Box (Jewelry Box)
Are you looking for jewelry box? Please contact me for it, there are many different designs available from us. Your own size and shape is acceptable.Waiting for your news.
 Kimono (Кимоно)
The kimono in quality of cotton or t/c, print or in solid colour, pleae refer to the photo.Your own design, size specification and quality wanted are acceptable.We can also supply you pyjama etc. Plea
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 Kimono With Embroidery (Кимоно с вышивкой)
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Please kindly see the enclosed photo of plastic table mat, there are many different shapes, sizes and colours available.For more information, please contact me without delay.
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The purse is made of polyester satin, with print and embroidery, it is a good partner for ladies.Your own design and size is acceptable.Waiting for your inquiry.
 Pyjama (Pyjama)
We are very good at pyjama set in different fabric quality, such as 100% cotton flannel, polyester/cotton mixed,100% polyester etc. Printed, solid colour, brocade, etc. Please be assured that our pric

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