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Federal Asia
Rm602, Xiyingnan Road 17/58, Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)


We produce air freshener in iguana or other animal shape in different fragnences.Our air freshener can be used in car, toilette, kitchen, bedroom, . . . And keep the good smell for 2 years.Please contact us for more details.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Crystal сувенирные подарки
 Crystal Souvenir Gift (Crystal сувенирные подарки)
We offer different kinds of crystal souvenir for our customers, your designs are welcome.We are factory with lowest price.
Вышитый Be h Bag
 Embroidered Beach Bag (Вышитый Be h Bag)
We offer different embroidered beach bag according to buyers designs.We can embroider your country / island name onto the beach bag.We are factory with competitive price
Pearl косметика
 Pearl Cosmetics (Pearl косметика)
We produce and trade a series of pearl cosmetics.Such as:Pearl anti-wrinkle creamPearl brilliance beauty eye essencePearl nutrition creamPearl face cleanserPearl moisture emulsionPearl nutriment skin-
Поощрение подарки
 Promotion Gifts (Поощрение подарки)
We offer different kinds of beach souvenirs according to customers designs.We have key chains, magnetic fishes, oil paintings, beach bags. . .We are factory so that we offer competitive price.
Смола Oil Painting Сувенирная
 Resin Oil Painting Souvenir (Смола Oil Painting Сувенирная)
We produce differnt kinds of resin souvenirs by ourselves.We can produce according to customers designs.Size for resin souviners are 3"*4", 7"*9" and 9"*13", or round pla
Серфинг Шорты, Burmuda совета Сток
 Surfing Shorts, Burmuda Board Stocklot (Серфинг Шорты, Burmuda совета Сток)
We have around 40,000pcs surfing shorts for men, women and kids.These are the order cancellation stocklot, suitable for Australian market and South American market.We are dealing with different kinds
Большие размеры джинсы одежда
We offer big size jean apparel for men and women.We have jean pants, jean short pants for men and women stocklots in whole year.If you are interested in, please contact us.
Купальники & Пляжная одежда для дам, мужчины и ребенка
We have our own knitting factory that produce different kinds of knitting swimwear for lady, man and child, such as bikini, trunk, etc.Our Italy-made sewing machines + our professional employees = our

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