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Capital Governance Sdn Bhd
No 28, Tingkat Bawa And Tingkat 1, Jalan Dato' Seri Alagendra 2, Kajang Plaza, Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


MINI MARKET i. E. Big Department Sales Shop is fully running, ongoing sales with profitable and secured, prime location in Selangor area at Kajang is for urgently sale. Full facility available including IDD phone, fax and living house with office and house furniture. Just pay and start to earn money in regularly. Foreign Buyer preferred. Price RM 1,50,000 with full support will provide even after sale regarding run the business and even will provide assistance for permanent living permit in Malaysia. Only serious buyer is required to contact within 05 February 2007We will provide all guidance, co-operate to visit prospective area to start business, extend full assistance and legal support by MalaysianGroup of Senior Lawyer who are practicing in Supreme Court, also provide advise by Malaysian Senior Govt Administrative persons, so that the business can be run comfortably and smoothly.Besides above, we shall extend assistance to register company in favour of interested partners with our full support, guidance and best look after.If you are Interested, pls contact with us immediately
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