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Информация о производителе
Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co. Ltd.
North Side of Longdu Road, Huaiyang, Zhoukou, Henan, China (Mainland) Zip: 466700


This product is a kind of environmental protection materal. It is not only used for packaging but also used for decorating and protecting products, such as beer and tray food packaging. We can produce different specifications according to your needs.
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This product is mainly used for packing furniture, such as sofas, beds and so on when moving the house. The big bag has different kinds of colors.Specifications and colors:Red color:Length: 182cmWidth
Обложка фильма
This cover film can keep moisture and raise the soil temperature. It can also keep the cleaness of the crops leaves and fruits.Width:400 - 2,000mm
This film has excellent properties for avoiding water droplets and temperature keeping, with a high light transmitting rate and long service life. It can also elimimate fog in big sheds more efficient
Пленка ПВД
1) PE shrinkage film, to wrap pallets and cartons2) Colors: clear, black, blue, and other colors3) Single side available4) Hand use and machine use5) Can produce different specifications according to
Коэкструдированные жидкие консервы фильм
 Co-Extruded Liquid Canned Film (Коэкструдированные жидкие консервы фильм)
This film can be sealed perfectly. With fine mechanical adaptability, it can automize the packing at a high speed. With perfect oil resistant function, it can be used for packing liquid products such
Обложка фильма
 Cover Film (Обложка фильма)
This cover film can keep moisture and raise the soil temperature. It can also keep the cleaness of the crops leaves and fruits.Width: 400 - 2,000mmThickness: ≤0.012mm
Пищевая упаковка Bag
 Food Packaging Bag (Пищевая упаковка Bag)
This product can be used for keeping the cleanness of fruits. It can also can protect the far away from the insect pest.
Зеленый Дом Фильм
 Green House Film (Зеленый Дом Фильм)
To put up plastic shed to form green houseIt can raise local temperature of the shedThe add of additives can attain special effects of protecting crops growing environment
Упаковочной пленки HDPE
 HDPE Packaging Film (Упаковочной пленки HDPE)
This product has special nature. It has perfect leakage resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-boiling functions. You will feel perfect with its handle. It can be used as shopping bags in su

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