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Rm 2006-10, China Insurance Group Bldg. , 141 Des Voeux Rd. Central, Central, Hong Kong


Dimension (mm): 110 x 78 x 122, 680mlMaterial WeightCup body : 260gsm Single PEOuter sleeve : 250gsm GrayboardBottom Cup : 272gsm Double PEPrint Colour : 1-6c Offset PrintModels: 418ml - 1096mlOur Hi-Cup series is specially suitable for instant noodles products. It not only provides good insulating effect, but also with wider opening for dining needs.Our supplier is one of the leading paper product manufacturers which has strict control over product quality and sanitation level. It also has long-term co-operation with major international F&B manufacturers. We can thus provide YOU stable supply with competitive price.
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