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73, Solomon, Sherly Rajan Rd., Bandra(W),, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of ayurvedic medicines, herbal cosmetics and aroma therapy range from India. We have a unique range of air frshneers and aerosol sprays. Herbochem the company has a strong commitment to promote good health without any ill-effects which she expresses through her wisdom in ayurveda.The companies formulations are enriched with vital ayurvedic ingredients, which have been derived with utmost purity from mother nature & tested by Indian herbal pharmacopoeia. To ensure product quality, the products are manufactured at factories accredited with ISO 9002 certification and holding good manufacturing practices (gmp) certification. Composition of the ayurvedic medicines are formalized under the guidance of expert ayurvedic physicians with proven clinical studies.We look forward to hear from you & we assure you our best services & timely deliveries always.
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