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Putian Lizhi Trade Co., Ltd.
Room 401,432 West Meiyuan Road, Chengxiang, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland)


This is player list of all the jerseys:Bush 5# white, Manning 10# white, Shockey 80# blue, Tatupu 51# white, Hawk 50# white/green, Arrington 55# white/blue, Arrington 56 white, Cutler 6# red, Owens 81# white/black/green, Bush 25# black/white, Bailey 24# orange, Porter 55# black, V. Davis 85# red, R. Williams 31# white, Roethlisberger 7# white/black, Culpepper 11# white, Vick 7# red/white, Ward 86# white/black, L. Johnson 27# white/red, Polamalu 43# black/white, Tomlinson 21# light blue, Gates 85# white/light blue/blue, Rivers 17# white/light blue/blue, Merriman 56# white, Edwards 17# black, Moss 18# black, R.lewis 52# white/blue, Miller 83# white/black, Stewart 10# black, Green 75# balck, Leinart 7# red, Randleel 82# red, Bettis 36# white/black, Mcnabb 5# green/white, Alworth 19# blue, Campbell 20# white, Alexander 37# white, Fitzgerald 11# red, Clayton 80# white, Dawkins 20# green/white, Manning 18# blue, Kearse 93# white/green, Colors 2# green/white, Peppers 90# white, Macnabb 5# white, Ham 12# white, R. Johnson 32#, black, Ricrgins, 44# white, D. Williams 17# white, Monk 81# white, Faneca 66# black/whiteWe have steady in stock on many NBA popular star jerseys and we can offer reasonable price. You may match in different players as you want in your order. Please check our album for more picture details and please feel free to contact us if you have any further question.
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336x280 banner
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НБА и NFL Football джерси
 Nba And Nfl Football Jersey (НБА и NFL Football джерси)
1) We have lots of NBA, NFL, and MLB jerseys in stock2) The jerseys were made in Korea3) Letters and number are sewn on jerseys body, 100% embroidery4) The price USD25/pc includes shipping
НБА и Nfl джерси
 Nba And Nfl Jersey (НБА и Nfl джерси)
1) Authentic quality, brand new with tags and bag2) We send the items to you within 24 hours after you confirm your order3) Delivery time:4 - 6 working days4) Delivery types: EMS, DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx
NBA (NFL) и Трикотажные Mib форма одежды
 Nba(Nfl) And Jerseys Mib Form Clothing (NBA (NFL) и Трикотажные Mib форма одежды)
We can supply sports wear in various styles, colors and other specifications.We can provide many styles of NBA and NFL and MLB jerseys. They are hot in, the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA, which have bee
NBA, NFL, MLB И Митчелла и Несс Jersesys 25USD
 Nba, Nfl, And Mlb Mitchell And Ness Jersesys 25usd (NBA, NFL, MLB И Митчелла и Несс Jersesys 25USD)
Specifications:1) We have lots of NBA, NFL, and MLB jerseys in stock2) The jerseys are made in Korea3) Letters and number are sewn on jerseys body, 100% embroidery4) Size: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 605)
 Necklace (Колье)
Material: alloy, crystalVarious colors availableHigh quality and competitive priceCustomers designs are welcomed
 Necklace (Колье)
Product Name: NecklaceModel Number: SYN703 016Place of Origin: China1) Material: sterling silver2) High quality and reasonable prices3) Customers designs are welcomed4) Tibetan style resin necklace
Ожерелье и сережки
 Necklace and Earring (Ожерелье и сережки)
1) Necklace and fish hook earring match with fish string, different shapeacrylic beads and ball plastic beads2) Color: topaz and light topaz tone3) Fish hook earring with plastic beads spraying topaz
Новый дизайн Red Monkey Т-рубашка It Is Coming Out
 New Design Of The Red Monkey T-shirt It Is Coming Out (Новый дизайн Red Monkey Т-рубашка It Is Coming Out)
1).Price is $13-$15,its depends on the quanity,the more you order,the lower price you can get.2).We have many brand t shirt to supply,the material of t shirt is 100%cotton,very good quality.3).We acce
Новая куртка Fashional
 New Fashional Jacket (Новая куртка Fashional)
Welcome you to visit hangzhou qianqiu clothing co. Ltd. Now, Im glad to introduceA new kinds of jacket to you, please check it.The advantages of the product are as follows:First: It is very resistant

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