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Harbin Willstar Co.
12/Fl, Dikangcaifu Building, No.162-1, Zhongshan Road, Harbin, China., Harbin, Heilongjiang, China (Mainland)


Spirulina tabletSpirulina ( the moest ideal and perfect food in 21st century) spirulina, also called blue-green algae, is a kind of alga life-form. Spirulina first lived in salt water lake of high temperature tropic. It propagates and grows depending on photosynthesis. Spirulina is the oldest creature with a living history of 3.5 billion years in the world. Studies show that the nutrition value of one gram of spirulina equals to the total value of 1,000 gram of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.Spirulina is a natural nurture with most obvious functions ofSufficient, complete, most balanced nurture and easiest to beAbsorbed by human body. Spirulina contains 60% to 70% of plant protein and consists of 18 kinds of amino acids, of which the contents and composing rates of 8 kinds of necessary amino acids are all higher than that of ideal standard designed for human food by FAO. Spirulina is rich in vitamin, minerals, chiorophyl, protein and linolenic acid. As a pure natural nutrition food, spirulina is no difference to other food from plants. Spirulina contains no additive, antiseptic, artificial color and no any chemical pesticide. Spirulina has no any noxious or side effect and it can also reduce the side effect to human body caused by other medicines.Applicable area:1. Health protection to blood vessel and softening blood vessel, reducing blood lipid and high blood pressure.2. A perfect nutrition choice for people who is of valetudinarianism and anemia.3. Cancer preventing and anti-cancer; improving immune ability of human body4. Health protection to stomach and intestines.5. Nourishing liver and preventing liver disease effectively.6. Beautifying for women, weight reducing and body beautifyingMain ingredients:100% spirulina refined powder.Using method: Take 2 times per day,4--6 tablets per time with the lukewarm water.Specification:500tabletsx250mgs/tablet; 147bottles/carton.Hygiene permit no.: No. Sj10047Validity:24 mounthsPlease see our home web for more products
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