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Baruna Samudera Jaya
Pondok Mutiara Harum Blok Z 18, Sidoarjo, Propinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia


We can supply for:- frozen sardine whole round- Sardinella Longiceps- size 25 / 35 pcs / ctn- quantity: 40" (26 MT)- packaging semi block frozen 10 kgsIf you are interested with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Замороженные морепродукты
We are indonesian company working for frozen seafood. We can supply you for the products:-ribbonfish-leather jacket-threadfin bream-red eye snapper-conger eel-cuttlefishIf you are interested with our
Today we would like to offer you on mixed seafood:- cuttlefish- cuttlefish whole round- lizard fish- barracuda- threadfin bream- yellow conger eel- frozen squidIf you are interested with our product,
We can supply you:- pumice stone- origin: Indonesia- colour: Ash grey- condition: Dry, clean, processed- size: 1-2 cm, 2-3 cm, 2-4 cm, 3-5 cm- packing: PP woven bag @approx 25 kgs / bag20" (500 b
Морской гребешок Shell
We would like to offer our products of scallop shell. We offer our best products origin from Indonesia. If you are interested with our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Свежая капуста, китайская капуста, Edamame
We are exporter of vegetables such as edamame, okra, cabbage and Chinese cabbage.We would like to inform you that the season of our cabbage and Chinese cabbage just come for harvesting time.CabbageOri
Baby Clam Meat
 Baby Clam Meat (Baby Clam Meat)
We can supply you:- frozen baby clam meat- scientific name: Paphia undulata- origin: Indonesia- specs: Shell-off (only meat) , boiled / cooked- size: 300-500, 500-700, 700-1000 (pcs / KG)- packing: se
Кокосового волокна / Coco Fibre / Кокосовая Fiber
 Coconut Fiber / Coco Fibre / Coir Fiber (Кокосового волокна / Coco Fibre / Кокосовая Fiber)
We would like to offer our product of coconut fiber / coir fibre / coco fiber with the following specification product:- product: Golden color coconut fibre- origin: Indonesia- quality: High quality e
Рыбы в качестве приманки
 Fish For Bait (Рыбы в качестве приманки)
We would like to offer you our product on fish for bait. Please check the follwoing stocks below:- milkfish (bait and consumption)- sardine- muroaji (round scad)We offer you our best product and good
Замороженные морепродукты
 Frozen Seafood (Замороженные морепродукты)
We can supply frozen seafood below:- cuttlefish- ribbonfish- threadfin bream- conger eel- leather jacket- big eye snapper- red snapperNow we are available on:- frozen big eye snapper / Priacanthus Tay

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