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Shaanxi Zenith I/E Co., Ltd.
Rm. A 902, East Maple Leaf Plaza, Western High-Tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (Mainland)


We are a major supplier of skin staplers and staple removers.Rapidly replacing conventional sutures for primary closure of large incisions and lacerations, you will find our staplers easy to use, and less expensive than leading brands.For busy clinics around the world, or for any Emergency room, These are the skin staplers to have.OEM service available:1. Disposable Skin Stapler:CE, FDA approval;1) Type W: 6.4mm x 4.2mm, 0.5mm wire diameter2) Type R: 5.3mm x 3.3mm, 0.5mm wire diameter3) Staples qty.: 35 staples per skin stapler for both typesPacking: 6pcs/box; 12boxes/carton; 72pcs/cartonGross weight: 9kg2. Staple Remover:CE, FDA approbal availableSpec.: Type W, Type RPacking: 10pcs/box; 30boxes/carton; 300pcs/cartonGross weight: 8.5kg
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Одноразовая Кожа & Степлер Антистеплер (CE, FDA Approval)
We are major supplier of Disposable Skin Stapler & Staple Remover in China:1. Disposable Skin Stapler:CE, FDA approval;1) Type W: 6.4mm x 4.2mm, 0.5mm wire diameter2) Type R: 5.3mm x 3.3mm, 0.5mm wire
Эмульгатор серия для чугуна
We can supply Emulsifier Series For Cast Iron as following reference:1) RESiCaRE 10-15%, Ca 10-15%, Si 60%2) RECaMgSiRE 7-10%, Ca 10%min, Mg 5-7%, Si 48%max3) TiMgSiRERE 0.5-2%, Ca 4-6%, Mg 4-6%, Ti 7
Our company have been dealing with Ferro Molybdenum.Please find the detailed specification as follows:Mo: 55-65%;Si: 1.0% max;Cu: 0.50% max;P: 0.05% max.C: 0.10% max;S: 0.10% max;Size: According to cu
Ferro Silicon
Shaanxi Zenith can supply Ferro Silicon,Low Al Low C FeSi as followings:(composition and size can be offered by the customersrequest)I) FeSi 75% Low Al and Low CSpecifications:1) Si: 75% (min.)2) Al:
Ferro Silicon
Ferrous and nonferrous products such as Ferro Silicon,Ferro Silicon Calcium,Ferro Silicon Magnesium,Ferro Silicon Barium,silicon carbide etc,and other raw materials in foundry industry,Shaanxi Zenith
Ferro Silicon Барий
Shaanxi Zenith can supply Silicon Barium Ferro Alloys as following details:1)Si 40-45%,Ba 25-30%,Al 3.0%max,Ca 2.0%max,P 0.04%max,S 0.04%max,Mn 0.4%max,C 0.30%max2)Si 45-50%,Ba 20-25%,Al 3.0%max,Ca 2.
Ferro Silicon Кальций
Now our company can supply ferro silicon calcium Ca28Si55,Ca30Si55,Ca30Si58,Ca30Si60,any size according to your requirement.If you are insterested in our products,please send you detailed requirements
Ferro Silicon Магний
Shaanxi Zenith can supply ferro silicon magnesium as following details:1)FeSiMg5RE1RE 1-2%,Mg 5-6%,Si 43%max,Ca 1.5-2.5%,Al 0.5%max,Ti 0.5%2)FeSiMg6RE2RE 2-3%,Mg 6-7%,Si 43%max,Ca 2-3%,Al 0.5%max,Ti 0
Плавленый циркония и плавленого роли Кирпичный
Shaanxi Zenith can suply fused cast brick and fused zirconia as following:1)Fused Calcium Stabilized Zirconia2)Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia3)Yttrium Stabilized Zirconiaect.Please tell us your specifi

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