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Sun Plan Development Ltd.
8A, Wing Hong Centre 18, Wing Hong Street,, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong


Specifications:Moisture (%): 14 max.Acid value (t): 20 max.Protein (%): 0.5 max.Thinness (100 mesh %): 99.5 min.Packing: 25kg/bagCharacteristics:1) Core starch dextrin viscosity is less changeable than other starch viscosity. Thus it is often used as coating liquid, splice agent and thickening agent of various food2) Same gelatinization inclination. After boiled core starch cooling, it forms soft jell with the concentration over 3.5%; jell of high elastic value if the concentration reaches 6%Usage:Sugared material: core starch is the raw material of sugar gum, glucose and other converted starchPapermaking: core starch works as coating liquid agent, which can increase the pulling force and improve the surface strength and printing fitnessOthers: assisting raw material for supporting malt starch powder in beer making; cohesive material and thickening agent in food making; raw material in food baking and other cakes making; shaping agent of medical tablet; binder of moulding sand in casting; coating agent of welding rods
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