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Hangzhou Freshes
Gudun Rd. , Hangzhou, China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Tremella fuciformis mushroom:It was listed as the food used in the imperial court in ancient times, and is recognized as a traditional tonic in China. Every 100 grams of dried mushroom contain 5. 0-6. 6 g protein, 0. 6-3. 0 g fat, 68-78 g carbohydrates and 1. 0-2. 6 g crude fibre. According to the record in the China medicine dictionary, it possesses the effects of nourishing the kidney and lung, promoting the secretion of saliva and relieveing the cough, alleviating the excessive internal heat, beneficial to the gastro-intestine, enrishing the blood and vital energy, strengthening the human body, nourishing the brain and refreshing oneself, improving the looks and skin as well as prolonging the life.2. Effects of polysaccharideTremella polysaccharide is the major active ingredient of tremella fuciformis fungi. It showed an obvious effectiveness on chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, protecting the liver, increasing the protective ability of organism to atomic radiation, promoting the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid, with anticarcinogenic and antisenile activity. It was also regarded as a tonic for prolomging the life.
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