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Paragon Impex
16-c Sunset Lane 9, D. H. A., Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


We are an exporter of various items.Herbs & roots: Valerian roots, rootlets, licorice roots & powder, costus roots etc.Quality control procedure:We assure you that all the products supplied are not treated by ionization and do not contain any ingredient treated by ionization. All are products are kept, processed & packed in different containers, warehouses to keep them free from allergens. We fumigate all our products on time as pest control services are contracted out and are monthly inspected. While packing the goods are first checked by skilled expertise for any admixtures that may have escaped the eye of workers at the time of grading, then goods are checked by metal detector to remove any metal objects. And after process the goods are inspected visually and then random samples are taken out to analyze the quality from the packed cartons, bags etc.
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