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Nanjing Health Light Business Trade Co., Ltd.
Room 201, Building 12, Shazhu Lane Community, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 210002


Main efficacy: Perfect prescription merges the complete nutrition of the bee and strengthens theomni-directional immune result Introduction of product: The product mainly adopts first-class bee glue, queen bees milk and pollen as rawmaterials and is distilled by newly biotechnology authorized by Australia KindomCenter, rich in the flavonoids, terpenic, quinones, esters, alcohol, aldehyde,ether, organic alcohol, amino acid, enzyme, vitamin and more than 20 kinds of naturalcompositions containing more than 300 kinds and mineral elements necessaryfor the human body. Ingredients of product: Propolis, royal jelly, pollenEfficacy of product: 1. Repairs the damaged Langerhans Islands, lowers blood glucose and promotes thecell regeneration of Langerhans Islands2. Protects the nervous system, clears up the blood vessel and resumes the elasticityof blood vessel wall 3. Regulates blood fat and blood pressure, removes the free radical, resists virusand infection and prevents the syndrome resulting from diabetes 4. Nourishes skin and slows aging 5. Can dispel acne and whelk, decompose the pigment spot and reduce wrinkles 6. Softens blood vessel and reduces the formation of cancer cell Suitable crowd: 1. Healthy person wanting to promote immunity and prevent disease 2. Often catch a cold, the physique is weak, apt to be infected by the germ, weakresistance 3. Anaphylactic physique with symptoms such as asthma, chronic coughing, wet disease,anaphylactic skin inflammation, and rhinitis Specification of product: 500mg/granule, 90 capsules/bottle Remarks: Skin-care product, immune nutrition
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 Propolis Compound Capsules (Капсулы прополиса Подворье)
Specifications:1) The ingredients of propolis compound capsule are propolis, royal jelly and pollen2) Bee series nutriment, it is good for skin care, can improve the immunity and slowdown appearance o
Чистая Antrodia Camphorate Подворье Capsule
 Pure Antrodia Camphorate Compound Capsule (Чистая Antrodia Camphorate Подворье Capsule)
Specifications:1) Pure Antrodia camphorate compound capsule: 90 capsules/bottle2) The ingredient of pure Antrodia camphorate compound capsule is pure Antrodiacamphorate3) Can protect liver and enhance
Чистая Antrodia Camphorate Подворье Capsule
 Pure Antrodia Camphorate Compound Capsule (Чистая Antrodia Camphorate Подворье Capsule)
Main efficacy: protects the liver, antitumorIntroduction of product: The product mainly adopts camphor tree glossy ganoderma which is possessed aloneby Taiwan as raw materials and is distilled by newl
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 Radix Puerariae Compound Capsules (Radix капсулы Puerariae Подворье)
Specifications:1) Radix puerariae compound capsule: 90 capsules/bottle2) The ingredients of radix puerariae compound capsule are Kudzu vine, common yamrhizome, Chinese angelica, Szechwan lovage rhizom
Роза Красоты Подворье Capsule
 Rose Beauty Compound Capsule (Роза Красоты Подворье Capsule)
Main efficacy:Makes the vim and vigour unblocked, subdues the empty interior heat and resists aging.Introduction of product:Rich in many kinds of vitamin, microelement, lemongrass alcohol, sweet-camph
Роза Красоты Drink
 Rose Beauty Drink (Роза Красоты Drink)
Ingredients of product: Chinese angelica, white paeony root, ginseng, ChuanxiongRhizoma, Indian Buead, Liquoric root, Chinese date, Largehead Atractylodes rhizomeWeight for each cotton-package: 3g x 3
Роза Красоты Drink
 Rose Beauty Drink (Роза Красоты Drink)
Efficacy of product: refreshes you, invigorates the stomach and promotes metabolismIngredients of product: Chinese angelica, white paeony root, ginseng, Chuanxiong Rhizoma, Indian Buead, Liquoric root
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 Soybean Isoflavones Compound Capsule (Соевые изофлавоны Подворье Capsule)
Main efficacy: Can improve womens symptom in climacteric and supplement hormone. Introduction of product: Known as "natural plant estrogen", soybeans is oflavone can supplement womens estrog
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 Spine Date Seed Compound Capsule (Позвоночник дата Семенов Подворье Capsule)
Main efficacy:Improves sleep quality, strengthens memory and improves anxious symptom Introduction of product:Rich in nutriments such as sour jujube kernel saponin, three terpene and flavonoidscompoun

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