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Techno Trade
7/7 Pavan Baug Chincholi Malad West Mumbai 64, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


We offer omprazole usp24ParacetamolCiprofloxacinList of our complete pharmaceuticals available on request.Please revert with inquiries.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Фармацевтическое сырье
We offer Piperazine anhydrous pharmaceutical. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to contact us. Dont hesitate.
Чистая пиридина и пропаргильных алкоголя
Propargyl Alcohol and Pure PyridineWe offer PA ( Propargyl alcohol), and pure pyridine.original of country is Germany or America. India.pls contact for your requirements.
Витамин C
We offr vitamin C plain&coated grade. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to contact us.
Wheat Gluten: We offer high quality raw material. White powder. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to contact us.
we offer yarn of cotton from our unitcontact us.By all supplying of textile industry and speciallyOf the following articles :A/------100% cotton from 16/1 at 50/1 combed waxed 100% cotton -combed knit
Сандал древесного масла
we offer tons of sandal wood oil & sandal wood dust/chips
Ацетальдегид & Glyoxyl 40%
we can offer ACETALDEHYDE & GLYOXYL 40% form our plant in western india .our capacities available are GLYOXYL 40% 100 tons per month &ACETALDEHYDE 300 tons per month
Аскорбиновая кислота Bp93/98
We offer ascorbic acid plain & coated.pls feel free to contact us.
Велосипед шины и камеры
We offer bicycle tyres and inner tubes with quality.For tire bicycles with road, touristic and mtb profiles:16 x 1.7520 x 1.7524 x 1.7526 x 1.7526 x 1.9024 x 1.90For inner tubes with valve:16 x 1.7520

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