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Информация о производителе
Putra Mandiri
Lindeteves Building C-33, Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia


Indonesian Art worksSIDE BEACHMedia: Acrylic on canvasSize: 60 x 70 cmYear: 2005Price: USD $2, 000
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336x280 banner
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Коко Fibre
We are Indonesian exporter for coco fibre,Origin: IndonesiaQuality: High quality exportMoisture less than 10%Dust less than 5%Fibre length: 2-10cm-10%10-30cm-90%Color: Golden brownDimension of packing
Стирального порошка
We are Indonesian exporter of Detergent powder as follows,1, 200gr x 50 Box / carton = FOB USD $8. 892, 450gr x 20 Box / carton = FOB USD $6. 673, 1000gr x 10 Box / carton = FOB USD $6. 67More informa
We would like to sell our scrapped metal,For more information, please dont hesitate to contact usUnder our scrapped metal list.1. 35 units, Big motor walls, sakai-210 Ton2. 37 units, Big motor walls,
Энергетический уголь
We are an agent and looking for Buyer who is need buy Indonesian steam coal land.We have 20 HA and 2 HA Stock pile,Gross calorific value 7000Kcal.If you need more information, please dont hesitate to
Трейдинг Консалтинг
If you trying to expand and Looking for Indonesian Products, we are the company which is in partnership, We present your company and products to are customers, exibitions. We deal with all sort of pro
Bird конкурса Холст Живопись
 Bird Contest Canvas Painting (Bird конкурса Холст Живопись)
Indonesian Art worksBIRD CONTESTMedia: Oil on canvasSize: 70 x 80 cmYear: 2005Price: USD $800
Танцовщица Холст Живопись
 Dancer Canvas Painting (Танцовщица Холст Живопись)
Indonesian art worksDANCERMedia: Oil on canvasSize: 40 x 50 cmYear: 2005Price: USD $400
Индонезийский Красный лук
 Indonesian Red Onion (Индонезийский Красный лук)
We are exporter Indonesian Vegetables,If you interested, please dont hesitate to contact us,
Органические Райс
 Organic Rice (Органические Райс)
We are Exporter Indonesian Organic rice,If you interest, please dont hesitate to contact us,

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