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Dalian Anda Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.
C1601, Anda Bldg., No.74, Luxun Road,, Dalian, Liaoning, China (Mainland)
+86-411-82724995 +82707414


We deal in potato chips with each flavors such as original, tomato, hot and spicy, barbeque, packed in 45g, 100g, 110g, 170g pot.Please dont hesitate to contact me for more further informations.
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Закуска креветки крекеры и пряника
 Snacks Of Prawn Crackers And Sticks (Закуска креветки крекеры и пряника)
We deal in each crackers and sticks of snack as follows:Prawn crackers in white 200g x 60 boxes / CTNPrawn crackers in white 2kg x 6 boxes / CTNPrawn crackers in white 227g x 60 boxes / CTNPrawn crack
Масла чайного
 Tea Oil (Масла чайного)
Tea oil is abstracted from escape camellia seed and with skyscraping nutrition value and its content of oleic acid is more than 85%, and its absorbing rate for the clay may be 97%, and its each index
Сушеные водяного ореха
We deal in dried water chestnut which is with 25kg x 1bag per carton, please dont hesitate to contact me for more further informations of photos and price.
Жареная пища Deoiler
We handle the food swing oil machine of which KT series of swing oil machine (deoiler) is a new type of centrifugal degreasing oil machine made for the purpose to make the fried foods deoil. The mater
Фрайер и жарки линия
We handle the deep fryer, deep frying line and some information are as follows:The frying machines are made by stainless steel and composed of the hoisting system by automatic or hand control, the sys
Мгновенный рисового зерна
We handle the instant rice grain which is a fast food and the ratio of instant rice and water is 1: 1. 6.The edible methods are as follows:1. Boil the water first, then put the instant rice in the boi
Горький чай гречневая
 Bitter Buckwheat Tea (Горький чай гречневая)
We handle bitter buckwheat tea which is a healthy tea, also healthy food, it is made from the raw materials of tartary buckwheat, and Tartary Buckwheat has the efficacy regulating blood sugar and bloo
Орган Warmer
 Body Warmer (Орган Warmer)
We handle the body warmer with1. Specifications and capability index:(1)mini style:Weight is about 30g, continual warm period: More than 8 hours,Average temperature:52 degrees, maximum temperature:71
Крисп Egg Roll, Печенье, Печенье
 Crisp Egg Roll, Cookies, Biscuits (Крисп Egg Roll, Печенье, Печенье)
We handle each flavors and sizes of the pack of crisp egg roll, cookies, soda crackers, biscuits, sandwich crackers, please dont hesitate to contact with me for more further informations.

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