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Dalian Anda Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.
C1601, Anda Bldg., No.74, Luxun Road,, Dalian, Liaoning, China (Mainland)
+86-411-82724995 +82707414


We handle bitter buckwheat tea which is a healthy tea, also healthy food, it is made from the raw materials of tartary buckwheat, and Tartary Buckwheat has the efficacy regulating blood sugar and blood-fat, and improving microcirculation of heart and cerebral vessels. It can allay ones hunger, but also has its alone healthy function with food and drink. Its vitamin B2 is 4-24 times higher than wheat, rice and corn, and it also contain fagopyrol and chlorophyll which are short in other grain, and its mineral elements are also higher than other grain to varying degrees. The protein contents of Tartary Buckwheat is 61.5% higher than sweet Buckwheat, vitamin B2 is 3.16% higher, its fagopyrol - flavone matter is 13.6 times higher than sweet buckwheat. The fagopyrol is a key matter to lower blood sugar and blood-fat, and to improve the function of microcirculation of heart and cerebral vessels.Please dont hesitate to contact me for more further informations.
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