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Yancheng Cordial Labware Co. , Ltd
Yanhe Road, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


1. Surgical bladeMaterial: Carbon steel, stainless steelSize:10#,11#,12#,15#,20#,21#,22#,23#,24#,36#2. Surgical sutureMaterial: All material3. Blood lancet
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Поставка микроскопов Авто & покровное стекло
Supply Microscope Slide & Cover Glass (Поставка микроскопов Авто & покровное стекло)
Manufacture and supply microscope slide and cover glass.(sail brand)the details as follows:1.7101 microscope slide, ground edges, 25.4*76.2mm, 72 or 50pcs/box2.7102 microscope slide, unground edges,25
Алкоголь Посев
One of the leading suppliers of alcohol swab in China. We can supply you with the following size:Alcohol Prep Pad(Alcohol Swab)Contents:70% Isoprophyl AlcoholNon-Woven Size:65x30mmType:2 PlyPacket Siz
Автомобиль полировщик, газогенератора и высокого давления Стиральная машина
We can supply you with the following items:1.car polisherpad size:240mm or 125mmvolt/fre.230v-50hzinput power:110w or 200wunload speed:3200/10000 rpm2.inflatorvolt:DC12Vinput power:250PSI3.High pressu
Обезвоженные овощи
One of leading manufacturer and suppliers of dehydrated vegetables in China. Our main products as follows:Spinach, high beautiful dish, celery grain, tomato granular, strawberry, sword bean, bitter go
Термометр "Галилео"
Manufacture and supply the following hydrometer and thermometer, the details as follows:A. Density hydrometer0.7-0.8,0.8-0.9,0.9-1.0,1.0-1.1,1.1-1.2,1.2-1.3,1.3-1.4,1.4-1.5,1.5-1.6-1.6-1.7B. Baume or
Сад электроинструменты
Manufacturer and supply the fllowing items in China.1. Hedge trimmerVolt/fre:230v/50hzInput power:500wUnload speed:1600rpmCutting length:550mmBlade distance:12mmBlade width:58.5mm2. Lawn trimmerVolt/f
Стекло Пробирка
Manufacture and supply test tube, the details as follows:1231 without rim10*75mm,10*100mm,12*75mm,12*100mm,13*100mm,15*100mm,18*150mm,18*180mm,21*150mm,25*180mm etc..1232 with rim10*75mm,10*100mm,12*7
Точилка нож, нож Slicker
One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of knife sharpener and slicker in china. The details as follows:1. Model no. Co100aSize of wheel:100*18*16mmVolt/frequency:230v/50hzInput powder:47wUnloa
Медицинская пластмассы
We can supply you with the following medical plastics:Test tube, plastic centrifuge tube, sample cup, urine cup, pipette tips, disposable transfer pipette, etc...

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